Fine Jewellery

I have been to many jewellers and a lot of them don’t exactly specialise in fine jewellery. The difference between fine jewellery and normal jewellery is that fine jewellery is unique, stylish and elegant, whereas normal jewellery can be elegant but is most likely going to be common and come in basic styles that we have already seen before. The reason why fine jewellery is important to me is because I am a real fan of jewellery, some may call me a collector.

My favourite place to purchase my jewellery from is Hamlingtons. They have a great collection of only the finest jewellery. what I love the most is the unique and complicated designs each piece of fine jewellery has and its the designs and quality I am most interested in. The reason why is as a collector design and quality is the only thing I look for if it catches my eye its a keeper, the jewellery that I collect range from antiques to modern day jewellery and I only settle for the finest.

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The Time Has Come

Finally, after 4 years of being together we have finally decided to tie the knot! It all started in college when I was 18, when I first saw her my heart sank I knew she was the one and I had to do whatever it took to grab her heart. After a year of trying and not being able to get out of the friend zone, she finally decided she wanted me to be her boyfriend. I was so happy so pleased that we were finally dating. We were in a relationship for a very long time which surprised me just because of the fact that she chose me! Here we are still together making one of the biggest choices of our lives together.

platinum wedding rings

She is so special to me so I only want the best for her. She likes diamonds so I am currently looking for a high quality yet stylish diamond wedding ring. I don’t want her ring to be common because she is special so her ring should be special too. I hope I find this perfect ring soon in time for the big day!

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Are Your Ducts Really Clean?

Your ducts might look clean but are they really as clean as they look? Keeping your ducts clean are essential for our health. The ducts provide us our source of air we meed to breathe to be able to live, so have clean high quality air is a must. If not properly cleaned or not being cleaned at all has huge effects on our health because bacteria can grow on the mould inside your ducts and is then spread through the air through the ventilation system. This is increasingly worse for kitchen ducts because the kitchen is where food is prepared and the bacteria cant hen spread through our food and on to others.


Now that that has been said it is vital you clear your ducts. You should always call a professional duct cleaning agency who are qualified to make sure there isn’t any residue or chemicals left behind and assure you that the job they have done is at their best standard. Through this you can be happy to know you are bacteria and dirt free.

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Tired of Cold Floors?

Are you tired of cold flooring making you uncomfortable in your own home? Would you rather walk  on lovely warm floors? With a quality underfloor heating system that problem is history.

Underfloor heating system is perfect for heating up any flooring around your house without the use of radiators. The way this system works is by flowing warm water through an array of pipes beneath your flooring generating steady heat while keeping your room warm without substantial heating bills.

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The Best Wedding Rings

I was looking for the best possible wedding ring I could find, because the main reason why is because nothing is to too much for my amazing wife and I wanted to get a ring that she would look at everyday and be proud of wearing it. After a long time shopping to find that perfect wedding ring in jewellery quarter.

platinum wedding rings

I finally came across a platinum wedding ring. This ring was perfect because it wasn’t as common as most rings and I felt that it would be special for her because it wasn’t a predictable diamond ring. The best part was her reaction, she is so in love with it and I am so happy I made the right choice.

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Unwanted Pests

Unwanted pests can be a nightmare. Not only do they get in your way they are also can have an impact on your health. Pests such as rats and other insects can carry harmful bacteria causing you to fall ill or worse. Say no to pests and gain control. Pest Control can deal with your problems and make your place of stay pest free in no time at all. We cover a lot of areas in the Midlands. These areas include Birmingham we also cover Sutton Coldfield too.

rodent and pest with warning signsIf you do not live in them areas then we do cover other areas too like Litchfield 

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Best Local Jewelers

Hamlington’s jewellers have a wide range of jewellery on offer from bespoke to wedding and casual jewellery. Hamlingtons have the some of the latest and best jewelry to offer and cover most of your local areas. Having a store near you is very important to use, this allows you to come in-store and personally see the product in hand and then you can decide whether you like it or not.

Hamlington’s specialise in the finest of jewellery money can buy, whether it’s for a special occasion or just as a fashion accessory we are sure to provide you with good quality jewellery.

We can also do Jewelry Engravings, Gift Wrapping and Repairs

Check us out now, I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed

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Relax at a Spa?

Are you overworked? Do you want a break from a busy lifestyle? Or do you simply want to relax and look after yourself? If you do you should head over to Sutton Pools and Spas. Spas are a great way to relax your body of unwanted stress and free your mind. Stress can have a huge impact on your body, certain things like your personality and sleep issues. Spas are also great for a healthy lifestyle

Hot tubs are available in a wide range of different areas over the UK Midlands.

Why not give it a go? you have nothing to lose.

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Correct Drainage Solution

Having the correct draining solution is vital and Cotterill Civils have 25 years of expertise in draining solutions and have the drainage solution you require. Having poor drain pipes can cause major problems in the long run and will cost you much more money and problems if you have to replace them, so we want you to have the best possible draining solutions for you so you so it can reduce the chance of any problems.


Our drainage piping comes in sizes of 60mm to 160mm.

The piping is a very low cost and very fast delivery. We at Cotterill Civils supply nationwide and promise a fast and efficient service

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Save Time With a Water Tank

Do you want instant access to liters of water wherever you would like it? Are you tired of going to a tap just to fill up a bucket of water? If so a water tank would be ideal for you. Cotterill Civils water tanks come horizontal or vertical and come in many sizes from 250 liter up to a huge 25,000 liters.

Water tanks are ideal for Dairy Farms, Poultry Farms, Other live stock farms for drinking water, Golf courses and more. Cotterill Civils also has a variety of other products similar.

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