Unusual Day At Work

It was a normal day for me.

Nothing unusual at all.

I just woke up, brushed my teeth, had a shower, ate breakfast and drove to work.


It was when I got to work things changed. I work in an office and I am set a task which is pretty much the same on a day in day out basis. I walked in got ready to start my long task and then bang! My boss walks in and said. “I want you all to stop what you are doing!” At this point I was like, oh no… What have we done? Is it going to be bad news. To be honest I ha no idea what so ever. He told us all to gather around the meeting table. So we all gathered around the table and he said. “Right, morning guys! Don’t worry no one is in trouble, I just want to have a morning meeting.” This is was a surprise. Bearing in mind there is only 7 of us working there and we are all male I thought something bad must have happened. The meeting mainly focused on marketing techniques for our company. Our boss wanted us all to discuss innovative marketing techniques for the company. There were many ideas that were getting thrown around and appreciated such as, promotional pens, internet adds, 3d leaflets and so many creative and wonderful ideas we all discussed. After the meeting we all agreed on one technique that was very good, but I wont be giving it away I am afraid.

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I Need To Get My Hands On a Hot Tub

I am very interested in purchasing a hot tub. I have been to my friends house and she has recently purchased a hot tub. Ever since I went down to her house to try it out I have really been interested in buying one myself. I know they are every expensive but where she went to purchase her hot tub from they have great deals on their website and I thought I would have a look to see if they have anything for me.

hot tub

Before I go on about buying a hot tub for myself and what I have found etc, I will explain the reason why I want one so much. I want a hot tub because I spend most of the day on my feet because of my job and the family. I am the type of person who really struggles to relax. I have though about hot tubs before but I didn’t want to waste my money on one. I wanted to try one pout first then decide weather or not I should buy it. This is when my friend thought she will buy one and I can try hers out. Now that I have  tried hers out I do really want to buy one!

I did look on their website and I found a whole range of hot tubs for sale. The prices of the hot tubs are ideal too. I am currently putting money together to purchase this hot tub. hopefully I can purchase one soon!

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Discussing Our Options For Expansion

We decided that we are in need of more space in our home due to the expansion of our family. We have sat down together and discussed our options in terms of wether we should move out, have an extension done in our home and so on. We had this discussion some time last week and we had a serious think about what we could do.

loft converison

Moving out was one of the very first ideas we came up with but we decided as a family that this would not suit us due to the kids education he neighbourhood and how local everything is here. We also discussed about having an extension done. Which seemed like a good idea but extensions are very expensive and will take a long time to complete so we decided to push this one to the side. My partner came up with the best solution out of them all. She came up with loft conversions. As soon as she mentioned it we all smiled and knew it is the most practical solution. We are currently looking for a professional loft conversions Birmingham company to give us an estimate because this is what we will be going though with.

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Designer Watch For My Dad

I was looking to buy a designer watch for my farther as a birthday gift. The reason why I decided that the designer watch would be a perfect gift idea is because he loves to wear designer watches and he has a collection of watches that he likes to wear. His favourite watch that he likes to wear is a stainless steel formal watch that has 6 diamonds on the watch face. It is his favourite watch because he has to wear a formal suit for work and seeing as though he is at work most of the time it makes sense.

black watch

I wanted to buy him a watch that was more casual so he can wear it when he isn’t at work. I wanted to buy him a watch that is also very fashionable too. I was looking into buying him a an Armani watch that I saw but I realised that they specialise in more formal watches. Gucci had the best range that I saw but the price range is too high. I am still looking for the perfect watch and I have a week left yet so I am not too worried.

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Should You Install Underfloor Heating?

Do you have to install underfloor heating? The answer to this question is no, but should you install underfloor heating? Yes! If you are interested to find out why the answer is yes then please continue reading as I will be covering this and much more. If you aren’t interested, it is still good to read and find out more about alternative heating.

underfloor heat

So it all goes down to why? Why should you install underfloor heating? The simple answer here is because it is better, I know this answer although is correct it is not going to be enough convince you to agree with me and it will leave a lot of you frustrated too. So the reasons why underfloor heating is better is because it provides you with rooms that are completely warm from the ground up leaving you with warm floors and equally warm room due to the way the heating system works. Underfloor heating also saves you up to 35% on heating bills! To find out more about how underfloor heating works please visit this link en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underfloor_heating

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Your Job Is Hard, Don’t Let The Weather Make It Worse

If you are currently working or have worked in the distribution industry before you will probably have good experience on how tough the weather can be towards you job. Due to the nature of distributing it usually take part outside where the vans or lorries are loaded up with important stock, because the loading and unloading of the equipment takes place outside this can be a real issue as far as weather is concerned. In the UK the weather is fairly cold throughout the year and the wether is ruthless and very unpredictable. Working outside will put you in the risk of rainfall, snow whatever the weather may be. winters are the most dreaded time of the year for distributors and the winter can be very harsh too.


If you are lucky enough you may load, unload and store your stock in a building. If you do you will probably realise the building that you are in is a temporary building. Temporary buildings are ideal for the distribution industry because they are cheap to maintain, easy to maintain, provide shelter for your workers and protect the stock as well as lasting a very long time.

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Can You Think Of A Better Form Of Promotion?

If you are looking to promote yourself or your service, what better way to do so than by printed pens? The best thing about promoting with printed pens is that pens are every practical and there will always be a need of a pen this is what makes a printed pen a power marketing tool whereas, business cards and other promotional methods will be looked at but often stored away and forgot about or even thrown in the bin.

print pens

if you have a well designed and well presented printed pen, the owner of the pen would not want to throw it out either because of the fact that it looks so nice and they will almost feel bad if they did. I use printed pens to promote my business although it is hard to tell that the traffic your business is getting is due to the printed pens, but I always get compliments on how nice my printed pens are so I know that something is working. Plus it is a great form of advertising anyway.

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Best Jewellery Collections

I have been searching everywhere to try and find jewellery to match my dress perfectly. The type of jewellery I was after is jewellery that matches my dresses colour and also looks unique and very fashionable too. I knew this could be a hard task but I never expected it to be as difficult as it was due to the fact that I needed to locate a jeweller who is near me too as well as providing what I am after so I can pop into the jeweller and have a look at the piece of jewellery and compare it to my outfit.

bespoke ring

The problem I faced here was that most jewellers do not stock collections. I was after collections, after a good long browse on the web and narrowing down my search I eventually found Hamlingtons. Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery not only had a jeweller near me, they also had the collections I was after! They even had pearl collections and emerald collections. I you are looking for hand crafted jewellery or colour specific jewellery I would recommend Hamlingtons to you.

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Learn To Drive, It Is Worth It!

Isn’t it time you learnt how to drive? There are thousands and thousands of people on the roads these days and there is a reason for it. If you have ever wondered why so many people are driving or you would like to know the benefits from driving then I will tell you from experience. I have passed my driving test and I have been driving for almost 3 years now and I really can’t begin to think I lived without my car! I passed my driving from a driving school in Birmingham.

passed driving

The best thing about driving is how convenient it is. you can just get up and go whenever you like and the most important thing is its very reliable because you are in control plus it is a quick and effective way to travel. Being able to drive has allowed me to become more independent and it ha gave me a sense of freedom I didn’t have before. If you are struggling to learn how to drive or you are worried about driving itself. You shouldn’t be it is important to continue and push yourself because driving is completely worth it!

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An Underfloor Heating Review

What I will be writing about today is my review on underfloor heating. First of all you may want to know more about what underfloor heating is? If so, I will explain very briefly.

Underfloor heating is a heating system that consists of heated rods that are placed beneath your flooring and are powered  by electricity. This will allow you to have warm floors as well as equally warm rooms.

Underfloor heating is ideal for heating up your flooring, it is also ideal for bathrooms and to achieve equally warm rooms without leaving you with cold spots.

underfloor heat

Underfloor heating runs on electricity, this allows you to save money on heating bills, it also doesn’t require maintenance, it is out of harms way, it is very easy to install, it doesn’t allow cold spots to form in your rooms. Some of the negatives of underfloor heating can include the fact that it isn’t exactly practical for those who aren’t having flooring work or remodelling done, it runs on low temperatures an it can also take a while to heat up your room.

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Curious About Sewage Treatment?

Do you know what sewage treatment is? Have you ever wondered what sewage treatment is? If you have wondered before or you are just simply curious and would like to find out more about sewage treatment and how it works, why it is needed and how we can benefit from it, then perfect! This post is ideal for you.

sewage treatment plant

So what is sewage? Sewage is waste water than leaves our properties and travels deep underground through sewage lines. The raw sewage is then transported to a sewage treatment plant.

So what is a sewage treatment plant? A sewage treatment plant is a is a large building that collects an areas sewage and treats the sewage to remove all of the waste, bacteria and diseases. You are then left with dirty water which is then treated again to be perfectly fine to drink and release into the environment.

This process is very important because this is the way we have fresh clean water running through our homes whenever we need it and it is also important to prevent diseases and infections form spreading.

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A New Luxury Item For My Home

I was looking to buy something new for my home. I already decided what I wanted to buy for my home but I just needed to find a place to buy it. At this point you are probably wondering what this may be and you may also be wondering why I would want this particular item in my home. If you are, great I will explain. What I was looking to buy was a hot tub! I was looking through hot tubs in UK because I really want to buy one. If you are wondering why I want one it is because they are just so perfect for relaxation and are unbeatable in terms of relaxation itself.

hot tub

I have used many hot tubs before and the more I used them the more I wanted to buy one. The only thing that is very hard is to find a hot tub that is competitively priced and to find one in the UK too. I did find a seller called Sutton Spas who provided me with the perfect hot tub I have now!

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Make Your Prom Night Special

With the prom nights coming veyr close isn’t about time you decided to chose how you want to arrive at the prom? The last thing you want to do is arrive to the in a average car. Prom nights are all about being flashy and what better way to arrive to the prom than arriving in luxury? You can achieve this by hiring a luxury limousine for your prom night and arrive in style while amazing all your friends and people around you.

hiring a luxury  limousine will not only make your night a special and rememberable night, it will also be the highlight of your night and it will be one of the better experiences you will have. If you are looking to hire a limousine then look no further than www.yourlimohire.co.uk. They specialise in luxury limos, sports limos and prestigious cars.


I was looking for a limo hire in Essex and I this is when I found Your Limo Hire. They offer the best range in luxury limousines I had seen so I decided togo with them. We had one of the best prom nights ever and it was all thanks to Your Limo Hire.

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I’m Still In Shock

I was looking for diamond wedding rings the other day. If you haven’t quite gathered as to why I wad looking for them then I am a little surprised. If you already have then great! You’ll be even happier to know that you are right. The reason why I was looking for diamond wedding rings was because I am getting married! I still can’t believe that this is really happening. It is still a shock to me and when I was looking for the wedding ring to I still couldn’t believe that I was buying for my future wife.

engagement ring

We have been together for almost 6 years and I believe that is a fairly long time to get to know each other and realise that you are truly in love and want to be with each other for the rest of your life. This is what happened with us! I have been trying to find the perfect ring for her but I haven’t anything that I think she would really like. We are getting married in a month so I still have some time.

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My Review: Fellows H6C Paper Shredder

What I will be writing about in todays review is the Fellowes H6C cross cut shredder. The reason why I am doing this review is to help those decide wether or not this particular shredder is the shredder and for those who are interested in finding out more about this particular shredder.


So lets start of with the appearance of this shredder, this shredder looks fairly good in terms of a what you would expect a paper shredder to look like. It is black in colour and has a tiny plastic window to view the waste bin. the shredder is a little heavy but nothing that will cause an issue. The shredder ways around 4.1 kg and it shouldn’t be a problem to carry. The shredder has a 4 x 35mm cross cut shredding, it can also shred up to 6 sheets at a time, it has a 11 litre waste bin and it shreds paper clips, staples and even CD’s!

If you are looking to buy this particular shredder or a shredder likes this one then you can visit Shreddy GoGo online to see more!

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What Is a Sewage Treatment Plant?

Have you ever wondered what a sewage treatment plant is? If you have ever wondered this or you are looking to find out more about it right now, then you are looking in the right place. What I will be writing about today will cover a lot of what you need to know about sewage treatment plants and what their purpose is.


SO what is a sewage treatment plant? This is the big question. A sewage treatment plant is a huge industrial building that controls all the areas sewage by collecting it at this plant continuously. What the sewage treatment plant does is breakdown the sewage of any contaminants, waste, bacteria and diseases from the sewage to purify all the water that is collected for re use. Remember, sewage is 99% water! There also is another alternative sewage treatment plant and that is an onsite sewage treatment unit. This can be found in many places such as woodland areas where the isn’t a direct sewage line, construction sites and some hotels too. These sewage treatment plants work similar but not the same. These plants breakdown the sewage so that it is legal to dispose of.

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Going To See This Tub

I remember looking at hot tubs yesterday, I was searching around online to try and find a hot tub that is suitable as well as being affordable too.I know that hot tubs are very expensive and this is a reason why I want to try and find a cheaper one because I know I can’t afford to spend a few thousand as much as I would love to. I wanted to buy a hot tub because I think it has come to the time were I need to treat myself and spend some money on myself rather than spending it on others all the time.

I was after a hot tub that would come with built in drink holders and I would also like for there to be different seating arrangement for me to sit in. I also thought it would be a good idea if I could find one with a few seats so I can call my friends over so they can use it too would be great fun. I was looking around for cheap hot tubs in a hope to find something that is perfect for me in both features and price range. I did find a few companies that offered grat hot tubs but neither of them actually had a hot tubs or ho tubs in the price range I was looking for except one company.

Sutton Spas, was the company that had the best deals on their hot tubs, they have such a large variety too. The price range was ideal for me also. I literally spent about 30 mins on the website and I found what I think is the perfect hot tub! I am going to have a look at is soon, maybe tomorrow.

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Do You Know Much About Underfloor Heating?

Do you know what underfloor heating is? Are you aware on how underfloor heating works? Would you like to know more about underfloor heating? If any of these questions relate to you then this post is perfect for you. Why? Because everything I will be covering in this post is along the lines of those questions.

underfloor heating mats

If you don’t know what underfloor heating is, I will explain briefly. Underfloor heating is a new heating system which consists of evenly placed heated rods that are spread beneath your flooring and are powered by your main supply. This is ideal for you to achieve warm floors  and warm rooms too. This also saves you money because it is a lot cheaper to run via electricity. Underfloor heating is ideal to spread heat around your home equally due to the way the system is laid out. Your whole flooring is virtually a radiator and what makes it even e better is that due to the nature of how heat travel makes it ideal for the heating to be on the ground and not on the walls like radiators.

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I Bought My Very Own Shredder

I was interested in buying a paper shredder. You are probably wondering at this moment in time on why I wanted to buy a paper shredder and what is the point of a paper shredder and all sorts. This is fine I would expect that but allow me to explain why I wanted to buy one.


I wanted to buy a paper shredder because I wanted to get rid of all my old paper work I have laying in my room. I know I can just throw it out but so much of the paperwork has important details on it that I want to destroy so no one else can possibly make us of them. This is just for peace of mind really. There are a few other reasons why I wanted a paper shredder so I can throw them out easier because they will take up less space, it is easier to recycle and it is simply fun shredding stuff. I had a look online for paper shredders and I found shreddygogo.com. They have a very user friendly site with loads of paper shredders!

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She Likes Her Bling

I was on a search for diamond wedding rings yesterday because of one reason and one reason only. If you haven’t quite worked out what the reason is yet then I am slightly surprised, but if you haven’t that is completely fine. I was searching for diamond wedding rings because I am getting married in a few weeks to the love of my life! We have been together for 8 long, hard buy fun years and we have finally decided we want to marry each other.

platinum wedding rings

We have already moved out together and settled in with a 2 year old child and now we think we are ready to spend to the rest of our lives together. I was searching for diamond wedding rings because I know my partner likes to wear diamonds, she always says how much she loves her bling! So I know I have to get her a diamond  ring. I went to visit a few diamond jewellery specialists and I did find a ring I really like but I need to get it ordered.

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My Review: Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery

What I will be writing about in todays post is a brief review of my personal experience with Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery and the service they provide. First of all, I will explain a but about Hamlington’s and what the provide. Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery, are jewellers who offer fine hand crafted bespoke jewellery to their clients. They have been around for 4 generations and are still going strong using their old techniques. Hamlington’s like to tailor their jewellery to match your style and they also create each piece of jewellery themselves.


I recently went to visit Hamlignton’s for a ring that I wanted to get made to suit my style. They offered me a friendly service who worked with my style and ideas I had in mind. They work very efficiently too. Once I had my ring crafted, I immediately noticed the detail that was included into the ring and the design of the ring itself. The ring was so unique and that is what made me love it.

Overall, I think Hamlington’s are one of the best of their kind of jewellers and I would recommend you to visit them for personalised bespoke jewellery.

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The Stairlift Repair Guy

I was after someone who specialises in stair lift repairs the other day because I have a stairlift in my home that is faulty. The stairlift isn’t used by me but it is used by my grandmother who lives in the house with me. She has been living here with me for just over 9 years now and I had a stairlift fitted in my home to help her to get up the stairs easily because he has a lot of troubles walking up the stairs and walking in general. I have had the stairlift in my house for almost a year and a half and there hasn’t been any problems until now.



She has been making great use of it and it is really convenient for her to use. Recently though the stairlift had troubles getting to the top of the stairs, it would stop and start a lot and this was worrying because I didn’t want my grandmother to be left stranded on the stairlift if it was to completely stop. The repairs guy I called over did manage to fix it fortunately, he said it was to do with a wire that had burnt out and it needed replacing.

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Fine Jewellery

I have been to many jewellers and a lot of them don’t exactly specialise in fine jewellery. The difference between fine jewellery and normal jewellery is that fine jewellery is unique, stylish and elegant, whereas normal jewellery can be elegant but is most likely going to be common and come in basic styles that we have already seen before. The reason why fine jewellery is important to me is because I am a real fan of jewellery, some may call me a collector.

My favourite place to purchase my jewellery from is Hamlingtons. They have a great collection of only the finest jewellery. what I love the most is the unique and complicated designs each piece of fine jewellery has and its the designs and quality I am most interested in. The reason why is as a collector design and quality is the only thing I look for if it catches my eye its a keeper, the jewellery that I collect range from antiques to modern day jewellery and I only settle for the finest.

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The Time Has Come

Finally, after 4 years of being together we have finally decided to tie the knot! It all started in college when I was 18, when I first saw her my heart sank I knew she was the one and I had to do whatever it took to grab her heart. After a year of trying and not being able to get out of the friend zone, she finally decided she wanted me to be her boyfriend. I was so happy so pleased that we were finally dating. We were in a relationship for a very long time which surprised me just because of the fact that she chose me! Here we are still together making one of the biggest choices of our lives together.

platinum wedding rings

She is so special to me so I only want the best for her. She likes diamonds so I am currently looking for a high quality yet stylish diamond wedding ring. I don’t want her ring to be common because she is special so her ring should be special too. I hope I find this perfect ring soon in time for the big day!

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Are Your Ducts Really Clean?

Your ducts might look clean but are they really as clean as they look? Keeping your ducts clean are essential for our health. The ducts provide us our source of air we meed to breathe to be able to live, so have clean high quality air is a must. If not properly cleaned or not being cleaned at all has huge effects on our health because bacteria can grow on the mould inside your ducts and is then spread through the air through the ventilation system. This is increasingly worse for kitchen ducts because the kitchen is where food is prepared and the bacteria cant hen spread through our food and on to others.


Now that that has been said it is vital you clear your ducts. You should always call a professional duct cleaning agency who are qualified to make sure there isn’t any residue or chemicals left behind and assure you that the job they have done is at their best standard. Through this you can be happy to know you are bacteria and dirt free.

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Tired of Cold Floors?

Are you tired of cold flooring making you uncomfortable in your own home? Would you rather walk  on lovely warm floors? With a quality underfloor heating system that problem is history.

Underfloor heating system is perfect for heating up any flooring around your house without the use of radiators. The way this system works is by flowing warm water through an array of pipes beneath your flooring generating steady heat while keeping your room warm without substantial heating bills.

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The Best Wedding Rings

I was looking for the best possible wedding ring I could find, because the main reason why is because nothing is to too much for my amazing wife and I wanted to get a ring that she would look at everyday and be proud of wearing it. After a long time shopping to find that perfect wedding ring in jewellery quarter.

platinum wedding rings

I finally came across a platinum wedding ring. This ring was perfect because it wasn’t as common as most rings and I felt that it would be special for her because it wasn’t a predictable diamond ring. The best part was her reaction, she is so in love with it and I am so happy I made the right choice.

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Unwanted Pests

Unwanted pests can be a nightmare. Not only do they get in your way they are also can have an impact on your health. Pests such as rats and other insects can carry harmful bacteria causing you to fall ill or worse. Say no to pests and gain control. Pest Control can deal with your problems and make your place of stay pest free in no time at all. We cover a lot of areas in the Midlands. These areas include Birmingham we also cover Sutton Coldfield too.

rodent and pest with warning signsIf you do not live in them areas then we do cover other areas too like Litchfield 

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Best Local Jewelers

Hamlington’s jewellers have a wide range of jewellery on offer from bespoke to wedding and casual jewellery. Hamlingtons have the some of the latest and best jewelry to offer and cover most of your local areas. Having a store near you is very important to use, this allows you to come in-store and personally see the product in hand and then you can decide whether you like it or not.

Hamlington’s specialise in the finest of jewellery money can buy, whether it’s for a special occasion or just as a fashion accessory we are sure to provide you with good quality jewellery.

We can also do Jewelry Engravings, Gift Wrapping and Repairs

Check us out now, I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed

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Relax at a Spa?

Are you overworked? Do you want a break from a busy lifestyle? Or do you simply want to relax and look after yourself? If you do you should head over to Sutton Pools and Spas. Spas are a great way to relax your body of unwanted stress and free your mind. Stress can have a huge impact on your body, certain things like your personality and sleep issues. Spas are also great for a healthy lifestyle

Hot tubs are available in a wide range of different areas over the UK Midlands.

Why not give it a go? you have nothing to lose.

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Correct Drainage Solution

Having the correct draining solution is vital and Cotterill Civils have 25 years of expertise in draining solutions and have the drainage solution you require. Having poor drain pipes can cause major problems in the long run and will cost you much more money and problems if you have to replace them, so we want you to have the best possible draining solutions for you so you so it can reduce the chance of any problems.


Our drainage piping comes in sizes of 60mm to 160mm.

The piping is a very low cost and very fast delivery. We at Cotterill Civils supply nationwide and promise a fast and efficient service

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Save Time With a Water Tank

Do you want instant access to liters of water wherever you would like it? Are you tired of going to a tap just to fill up a bucket of water? If so a water tank would be ideal for you. Cotterill Civils water tanks come horizontal or vertical and come in many sizes from 250 liter up to a huge 25,000 liters.

Water tanks are ideal for Dairy Farms, Poultry Farms, Other live stock farms for drinking water, Golf courses and more. Cotterill Civils also has a variety of other products similar.

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Incredible Gold Hoop Earings

I love earrings and there’s nothing better than 9ct gold hoop earrings. I have been wearing earrings for a long time now and have try many different styles, I’ve gone from studs to diamonds but I can’t get enough of these.



The reason why I like them so much is because I love wearing black dresses and the gold color really stands out, the studded earrings are too small for me and are hardly noticeable. In the Jewelry quarter area is my favorite place called Goldcraft. Goldcraft is a must for me they sell the best earrings I can buy I truly recommend them to anyone serious about hoops.

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It’s An Emergency!

I was woken up in the night yesterday to the noise of what sounded like either water or gas, so I swiftly jumped out of bed and went to investigate what was going on. I was shocked when I walked into my front lounge downstairs to find that a radiator had started leaking and there was water spraying all over the place.

Immediately I had to get a bucket underneath, but this was filling up very quickly and wasn’t a sufficient way of dealing with the problem. After doing a quick search for local emergency plumbers I found a plumber in my area offering a callout service 24/7 365 days a year so decided to give them a call to see if they could help me out in this time of need!

emergency plumbers


They were fantastic and got a plumber out to me within the hour, so I wasn’t left waiting long before the professionals were in to help me out with the problem. Would strongly recommend them to anyone and if you are in the Wolverhampton area looking for a plumber then I would say these are probably some of the best guys around. You can check them out online over at their website here: http://www.chplumbing-heatingservices.co.uk

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The Big Question

Feel so lost in love with the woman of your dreams that you feel its finally time to ask the big marriage question, then you’re going need a stunning engagement ring to really wow her and make sure the answer is going to be yes! Well in this post we are going to be looking through some of the leading places to purchase wedding jewellery.

Starting with the jewellery quarter, located in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre – this iconic location plays home to the largest collection of jewellery shops in Europe, who design and manufacture some of the most elegant pieces you will find on the market today. There’s a vast range of bars and places to eat alongside the busy jewellery life in the quarter so definitely something to meet your needs.

the jewellery quarter


We visited a jeweller who is the leading provider of engagement rings Birmingham, with an extensive range of beautiful rings on offer across a vary varied price range, which means there’s something to meet your budget no matter how big or small you may have to work with. Their rings come in a selection of metals including palladium, platinum and gold with stone set diamonds and other jewels.

Well worth paying a visit to if you’re in Birmingham any time soon, the quarter has so much history on offer, with so much to see and do all year round you can’t afford to miss out!

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The Perfect Present

Is there a special occasion coming up? Are you looking for the perfect present but have ran out of ideas? Don’t panic! Just head on down to the Birmingham jewellery quarter where you can find an array of ideas that will make any occasion special. Weather it is a family members birthday or a special occasion with a loved one, the jewellery quarter Birmingham will have everything you need.

That perfect sought after gift for that perfect lady are the 9ct gold hoop earrings.



This stunning piece of jewellery from Goldcraft will blow minds away at how sophisticated and classy they will look when having them draped from their ears. They will make heads turn of both guys in admiration and girls in jealousy when you walk down the street. The recipient of this stunning piece of gold jewellery will be forever in your debt and will strive to make you happy with their gifts for the rest of their lives as you have done with theirs.


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a way to save waterwater

Have you ever wondered what the weather will be like in the coming months or if a hosepipe ban will be in place due to droughts across the country? If so then be in doubt no more, a water tank can be the solution to all of your problems. Water tanks have been used for decades in order to preserve water fallen in the form of precipitation in areas which suffer from dry spells and low annual rain fall. Water tanks can be installed in various shapes and sizes depending on the use or the volume of water needed to be stored. Water tanks are seemingly simple but yet intuitive pieces of design that I believe every house should posses. As explained in the diagram below, water tanks rely on previous rain fall runoff and stores it in a sealed container that avoids the possibility for evaporation of its contents. The stored water can then be used for various reasons including domestic uses such as showers, washing machines, tap water or even watering the plants when gardening. Large water tanks can also be used for industrial use and can keep water bills down to a minimum by harnessing free water dropped at your doorstep, a truly amazing concept that can save your business hundreds or even thousands of pounds each year. I would highly recommend installing one ASAP if saving money and paying less is your cup of tea, if not then enjoy throwing your hard earned money down the drain and I hope you see the light soon enough.


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The Ring Selection

When it comes down to your big wedding day, there’s plenty of planning to get done to make sure everything is in place to make your special day one to remember – but one of the most important details to make sure you get perfect is the ring. There are a whole host of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a wedding band, so in this guide we will be looking at a variety of platinum wedding rings and other metals including palladium rings and gold rings.

platinum wedding rings


Wedding and engagement rings can range in price and style depending on what metal is used and whether or not there are any precious stones in the ring. We visited a selection of jewellers across the country to see what they had on offer.

When choosing your wedding ring, you want it to be something that fits your personality and style, and with the vast amount of rings available on the market there is certain to be something to meet your individual requirements and budget.

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Your Limo Hire – My Big Day in Essex

Last weekend was my wedding day and making preparations for months prior to this was long winded and stressful, but we wanted it to be perfect and a day to remember. Arriving in style was one thing that we really wanted to focus on, so finding a limo hire company who could cater for our needs was going to be a bit of challenge, so we set out looking for quotes on a selection of vehicles.

limo hire essex


I searched around in the local paper and rang a few companies who were offering services in and around Essex to get a few quotes, and to my surprise they were a lot higher than we had budgeted for, so I decided to take a look online and see if there was any alternatives that might save me a bit of money.

This is where I came across a company called Your Limo Hire, had never really heard of them before but I did remember a friend at work telling me how they had used them for limo hire Essex and the service received was excellent. Offering a huge selection of vehicles in area’s across the country, Your Limo Hire cater anything from a regular stretch down to some more individual cars such as a Mini Cooper limousine and a Range Rover one too!

limo hire

The quote I received from Your Limo Hire was around a hundred pounds cheaper overall than anyone else who had quoted me for limousine hire services, so I decided to go ahead and book it up with them. There was a simple online form which I filled out, simply entering the date and time for my wedding, the vehicle and area I needed and that was it, they called me back with a price within a few hours and it was all sorted and ready to go – fantastic!

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Golden Time

There are plenty of different types and styles of jewellery out there, but the main focus for today’s post is going to be specifically based around gold jewellery. Ranging anything from earrings and bracelets, right through to rings and more – gold is the world’s favourite metal when it comes to jewellery.

gold jewellery

The jewellery quarter located in the heart of Birmingham, is the largest collection of jewellery stores in the UK within one area. Here lies some of the countries leading stores that provide a host of gold jewellery, wedding pieces and much more. With over 250 years history, this amazing place has plenty on offer for anyone who visits, and acts as the epicentre for all jewellery trade within the Midlands region.

People are always amazed by gold and you can see why, a lot of the pieces are very elegant and portray a beautiful image for those who wear them. With a wide selection of chains, earrings and bracelets on offer, there is sure to be something for everyone within the quarter. So if you’re in the midlands take a look around the fantastic shops to see what there is for you.

jewellery uk

There is also a host of bars and amazing places to eat, a museum and much more – so you’re never short of something to do in the jewellery quarter.


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Take A New Career Path

Sometimes you get to a point in life where you feel the desire for change in your career and that it’s time to move on from your current job, or get an additional job to source extra income and even some readers might be searching for a first time job.

There are plenty of things out there that people want to try their hand at, whether it be in business, sales or simply just doing some office work the possibilities are endless.

escort jobs east anglia


There is a profession that is commonly overlooked by the majority of people, but is a fantastic up and coming industry and pays extremely well and has a lot of benefits – and that is escorting. Some people just simply don’t have the time for long term commitments and relationships due to work and other factors.

Escorting provides these people with companionship for occasions such as meals, gatherings and much more, and is a fantastic paying industry to the people involved. If you are looking for independent escort Birmingham it is worth taking a look around some of the leading agencies in your area to see if you meet their recruitment criteria.

If this doesn’t really sound like it is going to be the one for you, then take a look elsewhere on some of the leading job sites such as Reed and the .gov website to see what openings may be available to you. Don’t be held back in an industry you aren’t happy with, there’s sure to be something out there for you.

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Seeking Legal Advice?

In the event of a major event occurring, you may need to involve a solicitor to aid with thing’s such as compensation for workplace injuries, family lawyers to settle assets.

solicitors birmingham


We recently contacted a fantastic group of solicitors Birmingham in regards to a personal injury claim for a client who fell over on a hazardous piece of flooring on a set of stairs at work. This hazard had failed to have been taken care of and resulted in the injured person sustaining a broken arm and bruising in other area’s.

This prevented them from working for weeks, and also had an effect on their personal life not being able to perform certain tasks until their arm had made a complete recovery, which took some time.

This required them to recover compensation for the loss of work. It was a successful claim and the solicitors were fantastic from start to finish, providing imperative legal advice and support throughout and made what seemed such a complicated process, a rather simple one.

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Tell The Time With Style

What better way to treat yourself in the new year than to a beautiful new timepiece. A watch says a lot about you and really brings a feel to any outfit, whether it be smart or casual.

A watch can be a fantastic gift for family or friends, especially those who are difficult to buy for it really is something that will live long in the memory and is long-lasting, potentially even a lifetime!

When it comes to making a choice on what to buy, there is a variety of designer watches available on the market from a host of designers such as Rado, Raymond Weil, Gucci and many more. A watch can come in a lot of different styles too, some are self powering automatic watches – these use a battery of any kind and are completely self powering dependant on kinetic movement of the watch to store itself power. These complicated movements are designed by watch companies, and even some of the more executive brands such as Hublot and Rolex develop their own custom in house movements, which is why these watches cost thousands and sometimes tens of thousands.



After doing some online shopping the other day, I looking specifically at watches for women to get a gift for my sister, who’s birthday falls inconveniently so soon after christmas!

I found some brilliant pieces online from a few designers and decided to purchase a beautiful stainless steel Gucci ladies watch from a shop in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter. Well worth taking a look online rather than venturing out into the shops and fighting the crows in the current post christmas sales at the moment.

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